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By | January 18, 2019

Background Video Recorder is a camera application that allows you to record videos in the background, so you can turn on . off the camera shutter sound and preview the camera. Useful features include continuous recording, closing the screen, scheduled recording, multiple links and widgets, video recording and easy access to many languages. A: By default, if the file size reaches 4 BP or 30 minutes, Android will stop recording. You can enable the register & save now function. To avoid the case of files, specify the maximum time, 30 minutes or bit the time of the video on the device is the best solution to achieve 4 GB or save the file to the SD card, it is an XFAT form instead of TTF You can format in. To be able to register the application. Now the video can not be longer than 30 minutes.

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The soldier’s camera is a fast camera that allows you to take a quick picture at any time. To connect to a small screen, take a picture that needs to be taken quickly. A small and simple application, easy to understand

Video Recorder Background Video Video Recorder (BVR) is an application for recording video recordings in general, allowing for optional video recording in the background. Close the camera shutter sound and camera view. After you have made useful recordings with many tasks, plan to run or record. A short video recorder is an easy to use program when clicked with one click (quick record or widget. Support for over 50 languages.

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Usually uses the phone when it records HD video in the background. The background video recorder has no camera shutter sound. There is no preview of touch recording. Turn off the HD video screen and continue recording. Create and receive phone calls during registration. Many features of the Background Video Recorder is simply a video recording application that records video in the background, so you can use your phone normally. On some phones, the sound can not be muted (for example, local rules are required). You must connect the phone to mute the phone. Some phones are not supported, so send us an email with your model number and we’ll solve it. Background Video Recorder is a video recording application that is easy to use in the background and is the best application available on the Android Market.

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An app that lets you record videos in the background.
IRecorder allows you to record videos in the background or on your phone. You can also use the camera of the device to record movies at a specific time. This application is very useful for capturing video and is the best application available in Android Market for mobile devices. IRecorder has many features that make this application more dynamic. IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS Video recording in the background occurs when the device is turned off or another application is started.

Hidden Video Recorder Record video in the background to find out what else to change the hidden phone in a hidden HD video recorder! No shutter sound, no camera and screen preview so no one knows about the recording. Video programming is also programmed. Record the screen when the hadis screen is closed on the screen.

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The only program to record HD video using the volume keys on the phone screen. Record the HD video background in the application to use your phone normally. You can also turn off the phone screen! Create and receive phone calls during registration. Many features In the background Video Video Recorder 2 we have created our first-generation application capability. This is advanced technology and there are no other applications on the market that contact this application. There is no limit to the number of video recordings in the free edition. However, the length of the movie is limited to 1 minute.

An application update is available to limit the recording time. On some phones, the sound can not be muted for example, local rules are required. To turn off the phone sound, you must connect the phone Background Video Recorder 2 is an easy-to-use application for professional video recording and I have the best available application