File Manager Plus File Browser & DropBox

By | January 18, 2019

CX File Explorer is an advanced file management application with a strong and intuitive interface. This file management application, you can view and quickly manage files on mobile devices, computers and in the cloud using Windows Explorer or the Finder on your PC or Mac. It also provides a rich set of features that seek experienced users with no sense. You can also manage the location used in the Insight memory analysis on a mobile device. M File Manager is an independent and secure tool for easy and efficient file management.

👉How To Use File Manager Plus

Mini File Manager is an independent and secure tool that allows you to search files, easily manage files and share them with others offline. It supports interesting functions: fast searching, moving, deleting, opening and sharing files, as well as incorrect sticking, unpacking and copying. The M file manager also recognized numerous file formats, including music, video, photos, documents, AP keys and zip files. Update updates regularly to ensure the best possible quality. File M with a clear and transparent user interface, file management becomes easier than ever!

This permission was now asked to allow the total commander to upgrade his entrenched equipment. The application of this superuser has been informed that the entire route of the commander is working. If your device is not root, it has no effect. The main functions allow all commanders to write in system folders, such as / system / / data. You will be warned that everything you have saved can be protected from distribution.
More information can be found here: Thanks to the cleaning function, you can also hide sensitive files from your fingerprint.

👉Phone Manager Plus & File Viewer

The main operating files and folders are linked: browse, copy, move, delete, archive, delete, rename, share and more. Database for viewers.
X-Player can display SQLite database files (with DDB extension), as a list of extensions, each table contains rows and columns contained therein.

Relevant messages are made using the touch screen by clicking on folders or files to open files or by clicking on a long click in the dispute menu where you can click on an option, especially on the selected item or items selected. Files, audio, video and other files at the same time can use more than one integrated browser.
You can also set the X reader settings to use the system application to open files in which the default system application can open a special file. The cruise (currently operated by hinges, roots and 7 zip) is displayed as a different folder.

👉Cloud Storage Explorer One Drive & Google Drive

Powerful file manager for secure access and sharing of local and remote files! File Commander is a powerful file manager that allows you to manage files on your Android device, in the cloud or on the network, instead of a clean and intuitive interface. You can separate your library, music, movies, documents and delete, delete, move, close, edit and send files in some photos. The new file commander fully exploits the capabilities of the Android P Store memory analyzer. Save the location on the device and suggest that you can quickly remove the external or external media, view detailed information.

👉App Manager Plus & Storage Cleaner

The file conversion function (available in addition) allows you to easily convert one of the files in different formats, in 1200, while safe mode * allows you to hide and hide confidential data. Phone manager and file browserManage access to files and mass storage: download files to download, copy and paste files, delete files, transfer files, view hyper files, file compiler.

File management: save our files by deleting files from our cleaning tools and eliminating compressed files or files compressed in ZIP, RAR apk, tar, bin and tbz formats. The file manager saves files with the option to switch to USB Flash Drive (OTG), delete files, share files and transfer files. Cloud Store Exporter * File manager and Cloud Cloud browser for: Google Drive, Dropbox, upload and delete