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Top 10 Video Players For Android Devices

Video Player is the best Video HD player with all video formats The video file supports advanced hardware acceleration 4K / Ultra HD, intelligent playback, simple operation, sleek design and video format also protect personal videos before removing them , Or to see people using tools. All video player formats are a professional video and… Read More »

How To Make Business Card For Business Market

dear visiters Do you want to make your business card.. If so then this is the app is only for u. Create a business card for a few second, enter your details and select many business cards. Your identity is necessary to confirm that you are a professional. A business card _ business card is… Read More »

Android Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor

The premiere of the clip is a free video editor that creates high-quality movies that can be easily shared or easily opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, faster and nicer for additional poles. Just select the soundtrack and choose the speed – Set the clip according to the rhythmic music in the pictures. Your video… Read More »

Backgroud Video Recorder Camera & Secret App

Background Video Recorder is a camera application that allows you to record videos in the background, so you can turn on . off the camera shutter sound and preview the camera. Useful features include continuous recording, closing the screen, scheduled recording, multiple links and widgets, video recording and easy access to many languages. A: By… Read More »

File Manager Plus File Browser & DropBox

CX File Explorer is an advanced file management application with a strong and intuitive interface. This file management application, you can view and quickly manage files on mobile devices, computers and in the cloud using Windows Explorer or the Finder on your PC or Mac. It also provides a rich set of features that seek… Read More »

Weather forcast Updates & Maps Radar

It’s best to choose weather, better weather forecasts, real-time updates, hourly forecasts and weather forecasts, one of the best weather applications at the point of sale. Speech suggestions, i.e. Relevant weather information for any time and place. Local weather forecasts and rain, storms, snow and snow in real time … According to weather information, you… Read More »

How To Change Voice With Sound Effects

The sound changer is 100% free, this interface is fashionable and beautiful. The program is easy to use and can generate great sound effects and a lot of fun! Record your voice with high quality voice or open music, apply effects and share them with your friends. The application supports many different effects and you… Read More »

True Caller – Phone Caller id Blocker 2019

The name and true identity of Shakilera, unknown (false collar), is known for recognizing incoming calls and for waste, fraud, telecommunications and robotics. Powerful application for collar identification, call blocking, instant number book, phone seller and call recorder. Over 20 million people trust only 4 MB, fast, safe and smart 👉The offline cable works offline… Read More »