Bluetooth Chat Without internet Data

By | January 15, 2019

Bluetooth chat helps you communicate with people and communicate with you. It is based on Bluetooth technology and does not require an Internet connection, you can reach up to 70 meters and quickly, but you can talk with Can. The best feature of this application is location-based notification. You will receive push notifications when you enter or exit the area.

πŸ‘‰ If you do not use “Bluetooth chat”, simply disable Bluetooth to save battery power. We do not collect or store any information on a mobile device when using “Bluetooth chat”.When using “Bluetooth chat”, other default profiles will be displayed.
Data (for example your profile / friends / chat / settings) are only stored on your local device, they can only register and change you

πŸ‘‰How can you detect this application ??

Thanks to this Android 4.3+ chip and low-power Bluetooth, every device is able to detect this application. In December 2014, according to Google Play Store, it represents about 40% of Android devices and is constantly growing.
Requires advertising for Android, 5.0+ and firmware that supports the preferred Bluetooth mode with low power consumption. Until December 2014, the firmware that supports Bluetooth Low Energy Parade mode is only known as Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

Compatible device To send announcements, an Android 5.0+ device has been installed to configure a Bluetooth LE chip that supports peripheral mode and is compatible with the device manufacturer.
Bluetooth Chat is a messaging application that uses the Bluetooth connection method, Bluetooth does not require an Internet connection, the message is free.

Bluetooth chat is not just for text, even an attachment is included. Allows the app to use in the background and receive alerts.

πŸ‘‰Why choose a Blutooth Chat App..

When you think about contacting family and friends without an Internet connection. Bluachat is therefore a great tool that allows your device to get bluetooth and this app is not installed.

Bluetooth (Blue Kit) is easy to install and use. This application is a free ad, thanks to which advertisements will not be disturbed by chat and messages.

BluAhat respects your personality and your privacy, so for any reason BluChat does not collect your personal information. Furthermore, the date of use of applications, messages, chat content, etc. They are not sure why users do not use the server to save data

If your partner’s device can not find Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth to find Bluetooth, click on the green Bluetooth icon above the location of the message. Some device models require this step, but to make sure the device is connected to it and connected to others.If you are having problems sending files to another Bluetooth device, try updating Bluetooth for a moment.

πŸ‘‰Other Features Bluechat App

β˜… BluChat is a free application in all aspects. You can download mobile data and internet for free
β˜… Bluechat does not save your personal data and usage history
β˜… BluChat offers many themes so that users can renew the application at any time.
β˜… Bluechat works smoothly on both phones and tablets.
β˜… Change Bluetooth coverage and pair devices, Bluetooth applications on scanning devices.
β˜… BluChat allows you to access the list of profiles and avatars.
β˜… The tool will appear in partner tools.
β˜… Bluetooth allows you to send movies, send photos (through gallery or camera), files (PDF), audio, Bluetooth via video.
β˜… Bluetooth allows you to select emotional icons when sending text messages and messages.
β˜… Notify when you get photos and files.
β˜… Find easily accessible files by clicking on the saved folder icon
β˜… Photos sent and received can be viewed directly in the Bluetooth chat window.
β˜… Users can zoom in by clicking on the zoom icon next to the photos
β˜… Just end the conversation, then scan the second Bluetooth device again to start and share the new communication.
β˜… this bluetooth