Google Doodle honours Bollywood’s iconic Actor Amrish Puri On his 87th birthday Anniversary 22 June 2019

Amrish Puri Google has devised on June 22, 2018, on its 87th birthday, the celebrated Bollywood Amishori actor. Google Doodle honours Bollywood’s iconic Actor Amrish Puri On his 87th birthday Anniversary 2019 Celebrated Bollywood celebrity celebrity from Amishwari on June 22, 2019 with Donald on his birthday. Amrish Puri Google Award 2019 Doodle, who showed… Read More »

Large hailstones Video Bologna| Large hailstones Video like bullets, damage in Bologna 22 – June 2019

Large hailstones like bullets, damage in Bologna 22 – June 2019 To say heavy wind with heavy grains, rain but quickly. Boogie has a strong wave of bad weather on the second day of summer. Many requests to rescue firefighters. Some may be injured. The Dolara stadium was hit in white (in the video). Large… Read More »

Screen Recorder & Video Audio Editor

Ecran Blockflütt is based on the Google Play Homepage, the Android there skeptical ad, CNET, Android Center, small PC for underwee-Life and encore.AZ is the best app to record your laptop. It does not require much access to the root, no time limit, no washbasins, free advertisements and easy to use with an action to… Read More »

Top 10 Video Players For Android Devices

Video Player is the best Video HD player with all video formats The video file supports advanced hardware acceleration 4K / Ultra HD, intelligent playback, simple operation, sleek design and video format also protect personal videos before removing them , Or to see people using tools. All video player formats are a professional video and… Read More »

Top 10 Private Browser & incognito Browsers of 2019

Personal browsers in hidden mode always anonymous!.Allows a private browser to access privacy and not to access the Internet. Talent mode ensures that the browsing history is not inserted. Keep custom integration mode and built-in ads to track your behavior and keep track of names. These features make personal browsers one of the best personal… Read More »

How To Check Notwork Droid Hardware info

The network analysis application is in search of ping, instructors, port scanners and local network with many useful tools. This application is in a very configurable phase, and progress, feature requests and bug reports are appreciated! Porsche sensor – Scan and IP for open TCP ports, alternatively it uses it to acquire banners with each… Read More »

Running Plans & Miles Routes Tracking & Fitness Smart Android

The free premium premium key will unlock all premium features in strategic applications and other potential runtastic applications. The Runtastic starter application is available for download and use. When you subscribe to rewards, some features such as running, training plans are probably not the only ones. If you do not cancel it 24 hours before… Read More »

How To Make Business Card For Business Market

dear visiters Do you want to make your business card.. If so then this is the app is only for u. Create a business card for a few second, enter your details and select many business cards. Your identity is necessary to confirm that you are a professional. A business card _ business card is… Read More »

Android App Development Learning Tutorial

Learn how to create an Android app with chats for Android and Android. This app provides a complete guide to learning Android application programming. Examples of all Android components are the demo and source code of this application. It is a “stop stop” application for learning and developing applications. In addition, the Android system includes… Read More »

Android Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor

The premiere of the clip is a free video editor that creates high-quality movies that can be easily shared or easily opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, faster and nicer for additional poles. Just select the soundtrack and choose the speed – Set the clip according to the rhythmic music in the pictures. Your video… Read More »